Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

Pretty in Pink

Passend zum lauen Frühjahrslüftchen waren heute neue Schätze in der Post. Ist die Farbkombi nicht einfach genial? Mal schauen, was sich daraus machen lässt:-)

Finally spring has come to Cologne. As a funny coincidence those pretty moonstones and the colored wire arrived today. I think this color scheme is adorable, so let's have some fun with it!


Gypsy hat gesagt…

I cannot wait to see what you create with all these pieces!

Cindy hat gesagt…

Wow! So happy to visit your site today for the first time. Your jewelry is truly one of a kind and very eclectic - I just love your use of color and the variety of mediums - lampwork, fire, wire...! :-)